2020 State Energy Program Grant Opportunities

The State Energy Program uses federal grants to offer a range of programs to help reduce energy consumption in Wyoming. 

In 2020, there are 3 grant programs available. These are competitive grants.

Applications for 2020 are now closed.

Contact Ashlee Erickson, Energy Programs & Rural Development Coordinator, with any questions.


Level II Energy Auditors 

Wyoming Energy Conservation Improvement Program (WYECIP) -Pre-Qualified Energy Services Companies (ESCos)

Small Business

The Small Business Energy Audits/Retrofits grants are available to small businesses looking for cost-effective opportunities to lower their energy usage. Grants can be used to complete an energy audit and/or any of the Wyoming Energy Authority's State Energy Program approved retrofits.  


  • Maximum grant amount is $5,000

  • 25% required cash match

  • Requires a Level 2 Energy Audit by a certified auditor

K-12 Schools

The K-12 school grants are available to any public school in Wyoming that is looking to retrofit current lighting systems to more energy efficient systems.


  • Maximum grant amount is $25,000

  • No required cash match

  • Requires a WYLite Energy Audit

Local Governments

The Local Government Retrofit grants are available to local governments looking to complete any of the Wyoming Energy Authority's State Energy Program approved energy efficiency retrofits. Examples of local government projects include city halls, fire departments, fairgrounds, and parks.


  • Maximum grant amount is $25,000

  • 10% required cash match 

  • Requires a WYLite Energy Audit


This program offers free energy audits to organizatons interested in the K-12 and Local Government grant programs. It is a requirement that interested grantees first complete this program.


Once applicants have signed up online for the WYLite Energy Audit, they will be contacted by Wyoming Energy Authority's consultant. 


The sign-up deadline is July 30th, 2020. Audits need to be completed by the August 28 grant deadline in order to qualify for grants this cycle.

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