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Hydrogen Pilot Project

The Wyoming Energy Authority has opened a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the State of Wyoming Pilot Project: Design and/or Construction of a Pilot Project Demonstrating “Green” or “Blue” Hydrogen Production and Use. The goal of this program is to identify actual and proposed benefits of hydrogen projects for the State of Wyoming, its residents and communities, including, but not limited to: infrastructure development, business creation or retention, job creation or retention, technological advancement, intellectual property rights, commercialization, and additional state taxes, such as sales and use and/or property tax.

Project funding is limited and non-state matching funds are expected. Projects with higher matching amounts will be scored more favorably.

View the full RFP for program details.


View our RFP Questions & Answers here.

View the recording of our Open Call webinar here and view the slide presentation here.

RFP Responses are due April 28, 2021 by 2 p.m. MST. 

Contact Anja Bendel, Program Director, with any questions. Email or call 307-287-7160.


Wyoming Energy Authority has the ability to issue up to $3 billion in industrial revenue bonds for energy facilities and related supporting infrastructure that may include all facilities, structures and properties incidental and necessary or useful in the production or transmission of energy. This may include transmission lines, pipelines and export facilities. Wyoming Energy Authority does not currently have the authority to issue a bond on generation projects.

When Wyoming Energy Authority’s bonding authority is used, there is no cost and no risk to the state of Wyoming. Our bonds are sold on the private market to investors and any proceeds are used to finance projects.

To learn more about our bonding authority and process, please contact Glen Murrell, Wyoming Energy Authority Executive Director, by emailing or calling 307-823-2845.


Agriculture and Rural Small Business Energy Audit Grants

Grants are available to agriculture producers statewide, and to small businesses in rural areas looking for assistance to identify cost-effective opportunities to lower their energy usage. Grants can be used to complete an energy audit.

  • Maximum grant amount is $3,000
  • 25% required cash match
  • Requires a Level 2 Energy Audit by a certified auditor
  • Available to all agricultural producers in Wyoming
  • Available to rural small businesses in communities of less than 50,000 people

Grant applications are being accepted now and the program will be open until all funds are expended.

Apply Here

2021 Grant Programs

The State Energy Program will also provide 2021 grants for K-12 schools for lighting retrofits, local governments for energy efficiency retrofits, and small businesses for energy audits and retrofits. Applications for those programs will be open from April 19 – May 28, 2021.

View the 2021 SEP Grant Programs Overview

Contact Kaeci Daniels, Program Coordinator, with any questions. Email or call 307-635-3573.

Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting is a process through which energy efficiency and capital improvement upgrades are funded by the energy and maintenance cost savings generated by the improvements themselves. Those cost savings are formally “captured” and used to pay back the funding source.

For more information on Energy Performance Contracting opportunities in Wyoming, please contact Kaeci Daniels, Program Coordinator. Email or call 307-635-3573.

Prequalified Energy Service Companies

Accessing Capital

Wyoming Energy Authority leverages opportunities and resources from outside Wyoming, including grants, bonding mechanisms, government programs and private partners to develop efforts conducive to the sustainability of the energy sector in Wyoming.

To explore capital opportunities for your project, please contact Glen Murrell, Wyoming Energy Authority Executive Director, by emailing or calling 307-823-2845.

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