Energy Authority Board Elects Leadership

The newly formed Wyoming Energy Authority elected their Board of Directors leaders

Cheyenne, Wyoming – The newly formed Wyoming Energy Authority Board of Directors held its first meeting yesterday. The meeting was held via video conference. Voting Board Members were joined by Governor Gordon, ex-officio Board members, as well as other interested parties, for the meeting and received presentations from Wyoming Infrastructure Authority and Wyoming Pipeline Authority staff.

The Board members elected their leaders for the upcoming term.

· Mark Stege, Black Hills Energy, Chairman

· Paul Ulrich, Jonah Energy, Vice Chairman

· Wendy Hutchinson, Lighthouse Resources Inc., Secretary

“I am honored to be entrusted to lead this group and to set the stage for an exciting new chapter for Wyoming,” said Mark Stege, Wyoming Energy Authority Chairman and current Wyoming Infrastructure Authority Chairman. “The formation of the Wyoming Energy Authority, establishing a mission, collaborating on an energy strategy for the state, and providing a one-stop shop for energy development is a game-changer for Wyoming.”

“There will be challenging times ahead for Wyoming’s energy industry, and having the new Energy Authority ready to launch and advocate for our industry is critically important for our state,” said Paul Ulrich, Vice Chairman. “Setting out a strong direction and being able to move quickly and efficiently will be a great benefit for Wyoming. I look forward to being able to help lead the charge.”

The WEA is tasked by Governor Gordon and the Wyoming legislature to develop, administer and communicate the Wyoming Energy Strategy. Priorities include diversifying and expanding Wyoming’s energy economy and facilitating Wyoming’s permitting, production, development and transmission of energy. The Board will meet every other week through May to ensure the Wyoming Energy Authority is ready to launch on July 1, 2020. They will be working on hiring staff, determining the office location, and setting the mission and vision for the organization.

Public meeting notices will be posted on Wyoming Infrastructure Authority’s website and can be found here:

The Wyoming Energy Authority merges the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority and the Wyoming Pipeline Authority and is effective July 1, 2020. The enabling legislation for this merger can be found here and here.

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