Energy Opportunities from Governor Gordon’s 2021 State of the State

Governor Gordon gave his annual State of the State address yesterday, March 2, 2021, and highlighted some of the challenges and opportunities that Wyoming’s energy industry is presented with.

Some key excerpts for the Governor’s speech include:

“That is why I ask this Legislature to pick up where we left off last year with HB200, and the establishment of the Wyoming Energy Authority. So we can provide the means necessary to make C02 capture a reality in Wyoming and preserve one of our most important industries. Many states talk about the importance of net zero carbon emissions. But, today, I challenge you to join me in making Wyoming net negative in C02 emissions. We have to take the lead, and not look back. That is the best, and maybe only, way to meet the
threats we face. With our commitment, our fossil fuel industry, and broader economy, can achieve this ambitious goal of net negative C02 emissions without falling behind economically.”

“Wyoming can and must be a leader in (carbon capture) and other emerging technologies, even as we pursue the development of resources such as wind and solar,” he said. “Our long history of working with coal, oil and natural gas, and regulating its related impacts to protect and enhance other natural resources, such as wildlife, is well established. Wind and solar development must be held to the same standards.”

“Promising new technologies such as hydrogen, which can be produced through the use of carbon capture and our abundant supply of fossil fuels, can help us meet the demands of transportation in ways electrification alone cannot. Moreover, a hydrogen economy would be a game changer.”

“With the principles of our State Code in mind, on January 29th, I issued an Executive Order requiring state agencies to evaluate the impact that the Biden oil and gas orders would have on their operations. That information is being compiled.”

The recorded speech can be viewed here. A copy of the Governor’s prepared comments may be found here.

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