Hydrogen Shot Summit

The Energy Authority’s Executive Director, Glen Murrell, participated in the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Shot Summit last week.

The Hydrogen Shot establishes a framework and foundation for clean hydrogen deployment in the American Jobs Plan, which includes support for demonstration projects. Industries are beginning to implement clean hydrogen to reduce emissions, yet many hurdles remain to deploying it at scale. Currently, hydrogen from renewable energy costs about $5 per kilogram. Achieving the Hydrogen Shot’s 80% cost reduction goal can unlock new markets for hydrogen, including steel manufacturing, clean ammonia, energy storage, and heavy-duty trucks. This would create more clean energy jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and position America to compete in the clean energy market on a global scale. These efforts would ensure that environmental protection and benefits for local communities are a priority.

During the summit, Dr. Murrell spoke to an industry reporter from Utility Dive about Wyoming’s energy strategy, which embraces both legacy energy resources while looking to future technologies.

The goal, he said, “in one brief term is to power the nation with an all-of-the-above, net-zero energy mix. That’s a massive challenge because Wyoming has an abundant hydrocarbon resource base, but we have to supply energy in a decarbonized world.”

Read the full article here.

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