Wyoming State Energy Program Transfers to Wyoming Energy Authority

2020 Energy Grants Open for Small Businesses, K-12 Schools, and Local Governments

Cheyenne, Wyoming – In an effort to streamline resources and enhance efficiencies, the State Energy Program has transferred from the Wyoming Business Council to the newly launched Wyoming Energy Authority. The organizations have been working on the transition for the previous year to ensure a smooth process with no disruption to the current grantees.

“We are excited to manage the State Energy Program as we continue to create a “one stop shop” for energy in Wyoming,” said Dr. Glen Murrell, Wyoming Energy Authority Executive Director. “Providing resources to small businesses, local governments, and schools to help reduce their operating expenses during these uncertain times is of the utmost importance. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Business Council staff to help through this transition.”

“The State Energy Program has enjoyed stand-alone success in helping public and private entities reduce energy costs and improve efficiencies,” Business Council CEO Josh Dorrell said. “This next logical step of combining those efforts with the newly created Wyoming Energy Authority will provide future applicants greater access to expertise directly focused on energy.”

The Wyoming Energy Authority is releasing the programs’ competitive federal grant funds for Wyoming local governments, K-12 public schools and small businesses seeking to improve their buildings while reducing utility costs. These competitive grants are now open and applications are due by August 28, 2020. More information and online applications are available at wyoenergy.org.

2020 Available Grants

Local Government Energy Retrofit Grants

The Local Government Retrofit grants are available to local governments looking to complete any of the Wyoming Energy Authority’s State Energy Program approved energy efficiency retrofits. Examples of local government projects include city halls, fire departments, fairgrounds, and parks. The maximum grant amount is $25,000 and there is a 10% required cash match.

K-12 Schools Lighting Grants

The K-12 school grants are available to any public school in Wyoming that is looking to retrofit current lighting systems to more energy efficient systems. The maximum grant amount is $25,000 and there is no required cash match.

Small Business Energy Audits/Retrofit Grants

The Small Business Energy Audits/Retrofits grants are available to small businesses looking for cost-effective opportunities to lower their energy usage. Grants can be used to complete an energy audit and/or any of the Wyoming Energy Authority’s State Energy Program approved retrofits. The maximum grant amount is $5,000 and 25% cash match is required.

WYLITE Energy Audits

This program offers free energy audits to organizations interested in the K-12 Schools and Local Government grant programs. It is required that interested grantees complete this program prior to applying for the grants. The sign-up deadline is July 30th, 2020 and applications are available now.

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