WY Chosen for Federal Funding Opportunities

The last week of April saw two funding announcements from the Department of Energy (DOE) that positively affect the State of Wyoming, our research and development entities, and the continued advancement of technology in our energy sector.

First, the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources Center for Economic Geology Research received funding for two separate projects. Almost $3 million of federal funding will be available to research expanding and transforming the use of coal and coal-based resources to produce coal-base products using carbon ore, rare earth elements, and critical minerals. Research will occur in the Powder River Basin and the Greater Green River and Wind River basins.

Second, the Wyoming Integrated Test Center will host a post-combustion large-scale pilot carbon capture project. Membrane Technology and Research (MTR) was awarded over $51 million from DOE as part of the final phase of a funding opportunity for Fossil Fuel Large-Scale Pilots. This project will utilize the large test bay at the ITC and is an important step towards the commercialization of carbon capture technologies.

All projects required non-federal matching funds and these projects were supported, in part, by State matching funds that are administered by the Wyoming Energy Authority. The Legislature appropriated these funds for this exact purpose, to support and advance projects in the State of Wyoming.

Wyoming’s research institutions and innovative projects continue to lead the way in advancing energy technologies across the spectrum; highlighting Wyoming’s commitment and ability to advance an all-of-the-above energy strategy while supporting our energy sector. 

The Wyoming Energy Authority will continue to support, promote, and work with organizations across the spectrum in Wyoming to help advance Wyoming’s energy strategy.

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