Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative

The Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI) aims to establish corridors on public lands dedicated for future use of pipelines associated with carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and delivery of associated petroleum products.


In coordination with researchers, industry representatives and state organizations, approximately 2,000 miles of pipeline corridors throughout central and western regions of Wyoming have been identified as essential for future production and distribution of the State’s resources. WPCI is working through the process of authorizing these corridors with BLM with the goal of reducing the time and cost it takes for developers to permit these large infrastructure projects, while also balancing the environmental concerns associated with these lands by reducing the disturbance footprint.

WPCI consists of 25 segments, covering BLM, private and state land. However, the current WPCI effort will only apply to BLM administered lands. The WPCI project is compatible with additional uses, like broadband infrastructure, which could be acceptable at the outer boundaries of the approved corridors.

The Details


The Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative was initially proposed in 2012 as part of Governor Mead’s energy strategy. The public comment period on the Bureau of Land Management’s draft environmental impact statement (EIS) closed in July 2020 after a 90-day comment period. And the record of decision (ROD) was granted by BLM in January 2021.

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