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Wyoming Energy Strategy Facilitator

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The Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA) will accept proposals from qualified consulting firms to undertake the facilitation of stakeholder feedback and process control as part of a joint effort with Governor Gordon and the Wyoming State Legislature to craft the Wyoming Energy Strategy.

The Wyoming Energy Authority was established on July 1, 2020 and one of its statutory tasks include developing, administering, updating, and communicating the Wyoming energy strategy in consultation of the Joint Minerals, Business, and Economic Development committee of the Wyoming State Legislature and the Governor of Wyoming.

Scope of work:

Below are the tasks that the WEA is expecting from the facilitator:

  • Deploy and facilitate a process for development of the Energy Strategy

  • Establish the stakeholder outreach timeline and format, schedule stakeholder meetings and promote stakeholder opportunities, as needed.

  • Compile and present feedback in a manner that is usable, understandable, and implementable as part of the greater Energy Strategy

  • Compile and present findings from consolidation of various public surveys and polls.

  • Develop and facilitate process for establishment of energy strategy outputs, including vision statement, mission statement, initiatives roadmap, media and marketing materials

Presentation of findings:

If requested, present overview and summary of report findings at:

  • The WEA public Board of Directors meetings;

  • The Joint Minerals, Business and Economic Development interim committee meetings

The official request, with the specific time and date, will be provided at a later date.

Responsibility of Contractor Requirements:

  • Become familiar and gather information about previous Wyoming Energy Strategies;

  • Develop a set of strategic priorities;

  • Develop feedback solicitation process and set milestones;

  • Execute and facilitate meeting agendas, executive meetings, and reports;

  • Attend WEA monthly Board of Directors meetings, Energy Strategy outreach meetings and act as liaison with WEA and stakeholders

  • Sarah Young, Director of Public Affairs & Communications, shall be the primary point of contact on behalf of WEA in Contractor's performance under this contract.

Submission Requirements:

Proposals should include the following information:

1. Outline of Work

This section should establish the applicant’s understanding of the scope of work, project work requirements and the applicant’s ability to satisfy those goals and requirements.

2. Proposed Consulting Team

This section should outline designated staff for the project including name, title, specific responsibilities and the estimates of the person or persons’ hours of participation. Additionally, the section should describe relevant experience of the specific staff and identify any sub-consultants.

3. Estimated Cost

This section should include the applicant’s overall cost for performing the services including a breakdown of cost by task, allocation of hours, and cost per hour to complete tasks per designated staff member.

4. Firm Qualifications

This section should include a discussion of the firm’s experience in researching, designing, developing and authoring reports of a similar nature.

5. References and Completed Project Samples

This section should include references (including contact name (s) and phone numbers from customers who have used the firm’s services for projects of a similar nature and examples of similarly completed work.

Award Amount and Project Period:

Applicants must submit a monetary bid along with their proposal. The vendor will be paid 20% when the contract is awarded and the remaining 80% when the final recommendations are provided. The projected timeline is as follows:

RFP announcement – October 8, 2020

Deadline for proposals – October 23, 2020

Award announcement – October 30, 2020

Stakeholder Outreach Deadline – November 30, 2020

Recommendations Deadline – December 30, 2020

Selection Criteria:

1. Does the proposal contain all the elements required in the RFP?

2. Is the budget reasonable and adequate for the work proposed?

3. Does the vendor demonstrate knowledge of facilitating public engagements processes?

4. Does the vendor demonstrate expertise in compiling large amounts of data and presenting in a unified way?

5. Does the vendor have resources sufficient to manage, coordinate, and implement the scope of work?

Submission Information:

Proposals will be received at the Wyoming Energy Authority, 325 W 18th Street, Suite 1, Cheyenne, WY 82001 or via email to sarah.young@wyo.gov until 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 23, 2020.


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