Read research and reports by energy experts on the economic and environmental benefits of Wyoming’s energy resources.

Permitting Wind Energy Projects in Wyoming

Tetra Tech
Jul 2012
Guide to permitting electric transmission projects in Wyoming

Permitting Electric Transmission Lines in Wyoming

Tetra Tech
May 2012
Coordination of nine federal agencies to review electric transmission on Federal lands

Job & Economic Impact of New Transmission

National Renewable Energy Lab
Mar 2011
Jobs and economic development from new transmission and generation in Wyoming

WY Wind Collector System and Integration Study

ICF International
Dec 2010
Energy corridor constraints and opportunities, commercial financing and renewable energy backup

Wyoming Collector and Transmission System

ICF International
Feb 2010
Development of preliminary designs and cost estimates for a collector system for transporting energy

Separation Distances between Transmission Lines

ICF International
Feb 2010
Framework for Analyzing Separation Distances between Transmission Lines in Wyoming

State Energy Programs Impact for FY2020

Aug 2021
An overview of the impact of the WEA's State Energy Program grants.

Cryptocurrency in Wyoming

Aug 2021
Cryptocurrency in Wyoming: Information and Opportunities

Guide to Permitting Solar Energy Projects in WY

Tetra Tech
Mar 2021
Guide to permitting solar energy projects in Wyoming.

Impacts of Federal Leasing & Drilling Ban

Dr. Timothy J. Considine
Dec 2020
This study estimates the losses from policies that restrict oil & gas on federal lands.

Renewable Resource Production Metrics

James Detmers, PE
Jul 2015
A new set of metrics for quantifying the critical parameters effecting power quality and reliability

Wyoming California Wind Energy Project Study

Wind Energy Research Center
Jul 2015
The effects of geographic diversity on overall impact on California’s renewable energy production

Impact of the Coal Economy

Center for Energy Economics
Feb 2015
Addresses the importance of the coal sector to Wyoming’s economy today

Employment at Cherry Point

Hart Hodges & Bill Beyers
Oct 2014
Jobs that currently exist within the Cherry Point Industrial Zone in Whatcom County

Wind Diversity Enhancement of Wyoming/Colorado

Wind Energy Research Center
Apr 2014
The second in a series of four studies on geographic diversity

NREL California Wyoming Grid Integration Study

National Renewable Energy Lab
Mar 2014
Examines the economics of new transmission to deliver wind power from Wyoming to California

New Generation & Transmission in Wyoming, Colorado

National Renewable Energy Lab
Mar 2013
Economic development from new generation and transmission in Wyoming and Colorado

Wind Resource Assessment for the State of Wyoming

Wind Energy Research Center
Aug 2012
An in-depth analysis of the wind resource for the state of Wyoming

Our Vision

To diversify and expand the Wyoming economy through development of commercial energy projects, increased market access and advancing technology.